Health & Welfare

Several voluntary health programs are planned each year for educational and screening purposes.

Parchment School District does not employ a school nurse. Limited nursing services are provided by the Kalamazoo County Health Department. For more information please call (269) 373-5240.


Visit the State of Michigan Department of Community Health website for information on health insurance for children and teens.


What is McKinney-Vento? The McKinney-Vento Student Education Act ensures that students who find themselves in temporary, transitional, or a homeless living situation are able to continue to access a free, appropriate, public education. Continuity of a child's educational program is an important part in helping that child achieve. Our local schools have programs and services available to assist families.

Who qualifies as "homeless" under the act? Students are considered homeless if, due to lack of permanent housing, they reside in a shelter, motel, vehicle or campground, on the street, in abandoned buildings, or are doubled-up with relatives or friends. Families that participate in a "Transitional Housing Program" are also eligible for these services the entire time they are in the program.

It is important to remember your children have the right to the following if they qualify as a student under the act:

  • Choose to stay in the school they were in when they lost their home OR go to school nearest their temporary residence, whichever is in the child's best interest.

  • Participate in the same activities and programs offered to other children.

  • Remain in their school, as long as they are still homeless, for the balance of the school year if they find residency outside the district.

If you think your family or a family you know qualifies for assistance, please contact Sasha Hoyle, district liaison at (269) 488-1007 for more information.
Gryphon Place provides a 24-hour help line. You may call 2-1-1 or 381-HELP for assistance in community services.