Parchment News

PSD Families,

Last evening, the Parchment School District Board of Education approved a change to our instructional plan for the third trimester. The plan is to move from our hybrid learning plan to a 4 day in-person model, with Wednesday remaining as a virtual day for students. All remote options will remain available for families. 

The largest change for students will be a combining of cohorts A and B for in-person instruction. This will make class sizes larger. We will make every attempt to keep students distanced in the classroom to the extent possible. We will target a 3-foot distance between students in the classroom settings, but that may not be possible in all classrooms across the district. As a reminder, in our current hybrid model we have attempted to keep students distanced at 6 feet. All other mitigation measures will be kept, reinforced, and strengthened, such as mask wearing, hand hygiene and disinfecting.

You will be receiving a choice form from your child’s school building this evening to make a declaration for the third trimester. This form will include timelines for declaration and supplemental information to help you make a choice that is best for your family.  It is imperative that we get these forms back quickly so we can effectively plan for March 15th.

We will be working hard to ensure that this is a smooth transition for our students, families and staff and we are excited to move into this next model for the remainder of our school year.   

Please contact your building principal with questions after you receive the choice form. We will work to get your questions answered in an expedited manner to help you make the right choice for your family.


Jason Misner