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Welcome to Parchment Middle School. We are looking forward to having your child as a student at our school.

The Middle School has been designed to provide students with a learning environment that is based upon an expectation of Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility from all. Our program offers a variety of exploratory opportunities, a multi-disciplined approach to teaching and learning, and a focus on providing differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Parchment Middle School staff members are dedicated to preparing your child for high school as well as college and career options. Focusing on what students need to know and able to do, instructional strategies that support student learning, and authentic literacy are the keys to an excellent education. Your student will be expected to engage in reading, writing, discussing, and hands-on learning. The vast majority of learning occurs in the classroom with the teacher and classmates. Students will collaborate, communicate, think, experiment, and reflect throughout each day. Therefore, being in class is very important for each student, every day.

We are continuing to work hard to help make ever child successful at Parchment Middle. It is our goal to partner with our community to educate and equip each student with the ability to reach his or her greatest academic potential. It is an honor to be Principal of Parchment Middle School and to serve this community. Please continue or get involved with your students middle school years.

Feel free to call at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 488-1200. Thank you and let's have a good year.

Winners Circle

Pfizer and Parchment Middle School

Mrs. Hahn's 8th grade science students recently extracted their own DNA and will soon be conducting electrophoresis - this is the technique used in laboratories to identify specific DNA by passing an electric current through a gel. These experiments are part of the Medical Detectives unit students have conducted through PLTW (Project Leave The Way) - we thank Pfizer for their generous support which has allowed us to conduct this (and other) exciting experiments this year. As an extension of this PLTW unit, a group of 8th grade students will be demonstrating their PLTW Medical Detective's lessons at the PLTW STEM Showcase at KVCC May 12th!

Middle School Contact Information

Contact Parchment Middle School at (269) 488-1200 or email a staff member.