Parent Hybrid  Information Update

Good Afternoon Hybrid Families,

The first two days of the Virtual Plan A have gone very well. We had 97% attendance and the feedback from staff on engagement in the classes has been great. We were not sure how it would go as this is brand new. So great news!

I have been receiving questions as to how long are we staying in the current virtual model. At this point we plan on being in this format through Winter Break that starts on December18th. Our plan is to return to the Hybrid A & B face to face groups on January 4th if we are able. We looked at the transition plan and the continuum of learning.  It does not make sense to use the week prior to break to transition back to the Hybrid when we can do so easily coming out of the break. Additionally, given the current COVID-19 numbers, it is extremely likely the Health Department will be extending the current shutdown orders through the holidays. 

This decision does not affect extra-curricular or sports. At  this time the plan is to return to these programs as soon as the Health Department allows. Currently, all extra-curricular activities and athletics are postponed until 12/9/20.

Have a great day and stay safe,