The Innovation Center enrolls students from Parchment School District and surrounding school districts. In the fall, we have an open enrollment period. We will enroll students throughout the school year, depending on space, at the beginnings of our new marking periods.

If students are not Parchment residents, students who are 15 and younger must apply to Parchment School District through the 105 process. Students and parents must meet with the principal and be accepted into the district. Students 16 and older can enroll without a release. All students that intend to enroll will be considered before being accepted into the program. In many cases, a parent meeting is required before admittance. Students who have been expelled or have multiple disciple problems will be carefully considered before admittance.

If you have questions about enrollment at PIC you may come to our main office at or call (269) 488-1470 to set up a time to meet with the principal. View our contact page for more information on getting to Parchment Innovation Center.

PIC 2022-23 Application (Google Form)

2022- 23 Application (PDF)

2023-2024 enrollment will open August 1st!

2023-24 Application - Google

Enrollment for Step Up

PVA 22/23 Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for PVA next year?
Applications can be found on the Parchment Innovation Center website (https://www.parchmentschools.org/o/bhec) click “Enrollment” under the menu drop down

Will PVA be K-12 for the 22/23 school year?
PVA will only be available for grades 7-12 for the 22/23 school year. 

As a PVA  student will I be able to participate in sports?
No, PVA students will be PIC students. At this time, PIC does not offer athletics. 

As a PVA student will I be able to participate in Parchment High School’s graduation ceremony?
No, PVA students will PIC students. PIC is a separate high school. Students will follow PIC graduation requirements. Students will earn a PIC diploma and have the opportunity to participate in the PIC graduation ceremony. 

If I change my mind about virtual learning, can I transfer back to in person?
Students will have the opportunity to transfer back to the HS or MS until 9/12/22. After that date students must continue in PVA until the end of the first trimester (11/22/22)

Can I participate in Early Middle College or EFE?
Unfortunately, PIC students will not have access to EMC or EFE for the 22/23 school year. 

What is the criteria for being accepted into PVA?
Admission requirements for PVA include but are not limited to: past PVA success, reading ability at grade level, math ability at grade level, and behavior.