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Parchment School District - Parchment, Michigan - Home of the Panthers
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Vision & Mission


Two high school students in physics class.

The Parchment School District, a premier district in Southwest Michigan, will value and nurture the talents and uniqueness of each student by challenging and engaging every learner's mind. In cooperation with families and the community, the District will create an environment for life-long learning preparing each student for future life challenges.

We believe the Parchment School District is a learning organization, built upon integrity. Accordingly, we have agreed to the following Guiding Principles.

The Parchment School District will:


To ensure that all students are challenged to excel in their individual intellectual and social growth, while achieving those essential academic and interpersonal skills necessary to become a successful, contributing member of society.

All Parchment Graduates Will Be:

Self-directed, competent learners who:

Responsible citizens who:

Collaborative, quality workers who:

Independent, healthy adults who:

Future-oriented thinkers who: