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Parchment School District - Parchment, Michigan - Home of the Panthers
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Superintendent's Desk

Parchment Schools Superintendent Matt Miller

February 2018

Celebrating School Board Recognition Month

January wass School Board Recognition Month and Parchment School District joined 541 local and 56 intermediate school districts across the state to thank these community volunteers for their dedication to public education.

Serving on a school board has been described as the 'toughest volunteer job in America.' Yet Michigan's public school board members dedicate countless personal hours to attending meetings, school functions, and hours of preparation for the decisions they make. On top of that, many pursue their own professional development to stay on top of the ever-changing education landscape. Collectively, school board members in Michigan have spent about 7,500 hours attending training and professional development. They're dedicated individuals who are committed to the continuing success of our schools and students.

It's an exciting and challenging time in public education. School board members develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of our education system. They bear responsibility and oversight for an annual budget of $17.7 million, over 1,600 students, 245 employees, and 6 buildings.

We proudly join educators and community members in saluting these education advocates as they provide vision and leadership for student achievement, academic programs, district funding and school facilities. I personally want to thank our Parchment School District Board of Education for all their work! Please join me in thanking them for their service when you get the opportunity!

The men and women serving the Parchment School District and their years of service including this school year are listed below.

Yours in Education,
Matthew J. Miller,

Parchment School Board Members | January 2018