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Graduation Requirements

The following table displays the minimum requirements for graduation from Barclay Hills Education Center's alternative program.

The building principal is ready to help with any questions you may have regarding course content and sequence, prerequisites, graduation requirements, career planning and/or college applications. Please do not hesitate to seek the assistance you may need. You may contact Barclay Hills by calling (269) 488-1470.

Subject Classes Credits
English English I A & B
English II A & B
English III A & B
2 additional English courses of .5 credits each
Science Biology A & B
Chemistry A & B
Earth Science A & B
Social Studies US History A & B
World History A & B
Math Algebra I A & B
Geometry A & B
Algebra II A & B
2 additional math courses your senior year
PE & Health   1.0
Fine Arts   1.0
Spanish   1.0
Careers   .5
Computer Applications   .5
Electives   1.0

You must earn a minimum of 19 credits to graduate from Barclay Hills Education Center.