Guidance/Counseling Office

The purpose of the Guidance/Counseling office is to:

  • Assist students in developing a positive and realistic self-image, decision-making skills, awareness of alternatives, insight into behaviors and healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Provide supportive services to school staff and respond to the needs of staff with information and resources.
  • Provide parents with information on the development and management of the middle school age child.
  • Facilitate positive and helpful relationships between students, school personnel and parents.
  • Share updated information on community agencies and resources, initiate referrals and participate in professional organizational activities.

To arrange an appointment with the counselor, the student can:

  • Sign up for an appointment in the Counselors' office area.
  • Write a note and have it put in the counselor's mailbox in the office.
  • Ask the teacher for permission to see the counselor.