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Parchment School District's curriculum is based on meeting or exceeding the standards set by the State of Michigan Department of Education. Parchment focuses on creating an environment that fosters competent, responsible and collaborative students to take forward-thinking attitudes into the community. This curriculum is continually monitored by school improvement teams, a curriculum committee, and community members.

View the High School Course Book for detailed descriptions of the classes offered. It's also important to get familiar with the graduation requirements. Confused about what classes to take? Our counseling office will help guide your decision-making process.

In planning for your future, Parchment High School offers career pathways that can help guide students in deciding what classes to take to maximize their exposure to educational opportunities in their interest area. Similarly, our Education for Employment (EFE) and Education for the Arts (EFA) programs offer students an opportunity to get exposed to a wide variety of classes in their interest area.

Our Parent Internet Viewer provides a web-based method of keeping track of your grades and assignments.