Success Stories

In this space we plan to share news of awards, special achievements by students and staff in our district and more.

A Middle School Parent Letter

February 13, 2017

Mr. Miller,
I'm sure this isn't new to you but I just wanted let you know how amazing Nicole & Jason have been to our family. We have a special needs child and the support they showed my daughter is unparalleled.
Nicole especially has helped us immensely! We relocated here from southeast Michigan and we're very grateful Kirsten is a part of Parchment middle school.

Tiffany Spencer

A High School Senior's Thank You

I am a student at Parchment High School. I have been attending since I was a freshman and I am now a senior this fall. I was struggling extremely bad when I first started. I was struggling at home with my mother a lot and that majorly affected my school experience, because I let it. My attendance slipped my sophomore year, until I became really close with the counselor Mrs. Edds. She helped me and gave me confidence I always knew I had but was scared to show. She had me sign a contract saying I would come to school every day my junior year. I missed some days but I passed every trimester (even history)! She believed in me when I almost didn't believe in myself. I never once passed a history class my freshman or sophomore year. I always needed an A.E. class to pass. Until I reached my junior year and I gave it my all and I passed all three history classes all three trimesters. I also have to give props to Mr. Misner's sociology class. He helped me unlock a lot of secrets I was trying to keep from myself. He helped me learn a lot about myself and pushed me until I passed. I kept a pretty good grade in there! I had him the following trimester for the first time as a history teacher. I passed that with an A! I am now caught up in all my credits because of the patience and the wonderful support the staff of Parchment High School gave me. Not only did they give a great education and a lot of great memories, they gave me confidence, helped me grow and mature and taught me life lessons that I will remember for a lifetime. Thanks for everything, I wouldn't of made it without you.

PHS Class of 2012

Parent Thanks Parchment Elementary & Middle Schools

Dear Parchment Schools,
We are a parent and aunt of two children in your system. Our children are in 2nd, 4th and 6th grades. It is very important that our children get a quality education. We have found your 6th grade staff to be an amazing group of people. Robert has had quality teaching in his classrooms and has been pushed to work hard. The teachers have been kind and supportive and have worked together to create an environment that is enjoyable yet challenging.

Most of all we are writing to say thank you to this group of teachers!!!! You should be proud of all that they do for kids.

Sylvia Miller
Cheryl Mosebach

Letter from a Former Student at Northwood

Mrs. Joan Rizzolo is the most wonderful teacher I have ever had in my 14 years of school. Mrs. Rizzolo was the cornerstone of every preschool teacher. I remember when my dad first dropped me off at Northwood Elementary in Parchment, MI. I never talked to anyone for one whole month. Then, my last word to her was "I will miss you Mrs. Rizzolo."

She treated her students like a family. So Mrs. Rizzolo: with your preschool teaching skills and your enjoyment towards laughter, you will always be known as the teacher that gave me my first word in preschool, and that word is thank you. I thank you for these 14 glorious years in my heart.

Brian Lyle McFeters

North Elementary Parent Letter

October 5, 2008

Dear Parchment School Board,

I am writing to you as a mom. I have two children who attend North Elementary; a daughter in 4th grade and a son in kindergarten. I wanted to let you know some of what I have experienced in these last five years of involvement at North. I am a parent who is around the school very often, helping out where I can and volunteering in my children's classroom.

First of all, you have a gem in Kathy Wittenberg. I have watched countless children come into the office for countless reasons - and I am guessing that each one leaves thinking that he or she is the most valued student in that school! She does her job accurately and efficiently. But she goes above and beyond the job by loving the students at North, and always watching out for their best interests. She is one of the best PR tools that this district has - with students, with parents, and with any guest that walks into North.

Second of all, the support staff at North is great. From Thelma Laws and her daughter Renee, to the Title ladies - Annette, Sharon and Denise, to Cathy Reynolds who does so much behind the scenes work - these people are dedicated, hard working, and caring individuals.

Third, the teaching staff at North is phenomenal. I have worked with each of them on some level, and have continued to be impressed with their passion for students and for teaching, their love and dedication to the students at North, and their desire to give them the very best education they possibly can. I have found each teacher to be very open, very available whenever I need to speak with one of them, and they have loved and encouraged and challenged my daughter year after year. Now, my son is beginning the same journey.

I am proud to be a part of the North family. Through the excellent experiences that both my children and I have had with the personnel at North, it has been my pleasure to encourage others who are undecided to also send their children there. So often, the school board hears what is wrong with the school - I wanted to let you know that SO much is right at North!

Thank you for your time in reading.

Julie Hermenitt
Mom of Bekah and Zachary