Residents of the Parchment School District have always held a strong regard for educating the children of our community. A suburban district just a few miles from downtown Kalamazoo, the Parchment educational environment combines the atmosphere of small town living with the accessibility of metropolitan advantages.

In 1920, the center of education shifted from a one-room school house to a more modern facility which contained four rooms and employed four teachers. By the time Parchment became a city in 1939, the school had expanded to 16 rooms with a teacher staffing each of those rooms. The system was known as a K-9 district with the 10th graders finishing their education at Kalamazoo Central High School.

In 1957 voters approved the construction of a high school to be located at 1916 East G Avenue. The facility was completed in 1959 and students and staff moved into the building in November of that year. This action severed ties with Kalamazoo Public Schools and the Parchment School District began carving its own identity. Parchment graduated its first senior class in 1961.

The voters of the school district answered the problem of rising enrollments by approving millages for renovation and new facility construction. All building sites have undergone expansion, the most recent major renovation being that of the high school.

Education has always been first in the hearts of the people of Parchment. Support for education continues to be a top priority.