Barclay Hills Education Center

Barclay Hills Education Center

About Barclay

Barclay Hills Education Center is the alternative high school for Parchment School District. We enroll approximately 135 students from Parchment and the surrounding areas. Students can enroll at Barclay by choice, or come as a referral from their home school.

Barclay Hills programs include:

  • High school Completion program for 9th-12th grades
  • Plato Online Instruction
  • Credit Retrieval

Barclay Hills works with Education for the Arts to offer enrichment opportunities for students.

Barclay Hills practices Positive Behavior Support. This is a school-wide discipline program which focuses on rewarding positive behavior. We are very pleased with the effects this program has had on our student body.

Barclay Hills offers many of the same core curriculum classes found in a traditional high school, but many classes are career focused. All classes are aligned to Common Core or Michigan Merit Standards.

For students interested in credit retrieval, all credits earned at Barclay Hills can be transferred to traditional high schools. For students who choose to complete their education at Barclay, features of our high school and online program are listed below.

High School Program

  • 19 credits required for graduation
  • 8 credits possible each year
  • Additional credit opportunities through Work-Based Learning, volunteering, and Plato

Online Option
An online option is available for students at Barclay Hills Education Center. This fully online program is supported through a partnership with My Virtual Academy The application and information is available on their website.

  • Graduation requirements are the same as traditional education
  • Flexible and interactive online classes available 24/7
  • Meets the needs of students who struggle with traditional, on-site schooling

Barclay Hills has an enrollment of 100 students in our high school program. Students must meet attendance and behavior guidelines to be successful in our program.