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Parchment School District - Parchment, Michigan - Home of the Panthers
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The education of our youth has emerged as a national priority - the centerpiece of expectations and plans of nearly all aspects of our society. In the future, we must develop graduates who have learned at levels well beyond those achieved by children of earlier generations.

As we prepare for the future, we must hold high expectations of our students while ensuring that every student can meet those expectations. Our expectations must include character building, good attitude development and the establishment of solid student self-esteem in addition to the mastery of essential proficiencies and competencies.

Students need to know that we trust them and that we believe they have the ability to succeed. These beliefs are the basis for the mission of the Parchment School District:

To ensure that all students are challenged to excel in their individual social and intellectual growth, while achieving those essential academic and interpersonal skills necessary to become a successful, contributing member of society.

Administration Staff

Parchment Middle School Principal Jason Misner
Jason Misner
(269) 488-1050
Parchment Schools Assistant Superintendent - Finance & Operations Julie Rohrer
Julie Rohrer
Assistant Superintendent - Finance & Operations
(269) 488-1050
Parchment Schools Director of Operations (Transportation, Maintenance, Building Use) Anne Brow
Anne Brow
Director of Operations (Transportation, Maintenance, Building Use)
Special Education Director Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen
District Special Education Director
(269) 488-1124
Assistant Technology Director Matt Shenck
Matt Shenck
District Technology Director
(269) 488-1218

Administration Support Staff

List of Parchment School District administration staff, along with contact emails for each.
Staff Member Title Phone Email
Paula Smeed Superintendent's Administrative Assistant   Email Paula
Tam Bagley Assistant Superintendent Secretary   Email Tam
Michelle Burghdoff Student Information Coordinator (269) 488-1054
Accounts Payable KRESA Business Services (269) 250-9368
Human Resources District Administration (269) 488-1050  
Payroll KRESA Business Services (269) 250-9278